There is no mandatory holding period in Alabama.

This “cheat sheet” explains why. Also, a PFA is more than simply a “Civil PFA” it includes pretrial bond order which includes “no contact” orders, or another type of “restraint” order issued in a DR – divorce matter, or juvenile matter (Dependency or Delinquency), etc.

See 13A-6-141 below

§ 13A-6-141. Definitions.
As used in this article, the following terms shall have the following meanings, respectively, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:
(1) DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROTECTION ORDER. A domestic violence protection order is any protection from abuse order issued pursuant to the Protection from Abuse Act, Sections 30-5-1 to 30-5-11, inclusive. The term includes the following:
a. A restraining order, injunctive order, or order of release from custody which has been issued in a circuit, district, municipal, or juvenile court in a domestic relations or family violence case;
b. An order issued by municipal, district, or circuit court which places conditions on the pre-trial release on defendants in criminal cases, including provisions of bail pursuant to Section 15-13-190;
c. An order issued by another state or territory which may be enforced under Sections 30-5B-1 through 30-5B-10. Restraining or protection orders not issued pursuant to the Protection From Abuse Act, Sections 30-5-1 to 30-5-11, inclusive, must specify that a history of violence or abuse exists for the provisions of this chapter to apply.
(2) VIOLATION. The knowing commission of any act prohibited by a domestic violence protection order or any willful failure to abide by its terms.