About the Domestic Violence Resource Prosecutor

Hon. Gabrielle N. Helix is the Domestic Violence Resource
Prosecutor for the Alabama Office of Prosecution Services, in support of the 41
District Attorney’s Offices in Alabama. Helix provides support and technical
assistance for law enforcement, advocates, and prosecutors; and, anyone else
who may need assistance in the areas of family violence and co-occurring
crimes. Helix chairs the OPS DV Resource Council and participates in the
Juvenile Resource Council and the Crimes Against Children Resource Council. Helix continues to prosecute domestic violence cases.  Before joining OPS, Helix served as an Assistant District Attorney for Madison County’s Family Violence and Sexual Assault Unit co-located with the National Children’s Advocacy Center. She is a faculty trainer for the NCAC, teaches at several academies, and provides
regular instruction on domestic violence and the legal system to several
Alabama Universities, community groups, and organizations. She has written for
local and national publications and has served as an expert for news outlets. She is a former defense attorney who defended the same types of cases she now prosecutes.
Pre-legal career, Gabrielle worked under the auspices of the Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the US Embassy in Riyadh. She holds a JD/BS/BA and previously worked as a television news journalist.

Gabrielle and her husband of more than 30 years share their home with rescue dogs and cats and a miniature horse, named Sir Butter.

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